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Mirdif Hills

Mirdif Hills

Properties for Sale in Mirdif Hills

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Projects in Mirdif Hills

Mushrif Village
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Nasayem Avenue
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Al Multaqa Avenue
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Janayen Avenue
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Shorooq Mirdif
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About Mirdif Hills

Mirdif Hills is a new mixed-use, residential, commercial and retail development, built on Janayen Avenue, Nasayem Avenue and Al Multaqa Avenue by the real estate company, Dubai Investments.

Mirdif Hills has a total area of 1,000,000 sq. ft and consists of over 1,500 apartments, including studios and duplexes. There is also an on-site hotel by Millennium Hotels & Resorts, as well as offices, healthcare centers, hospitals, recreational clubs, retail outlets, parklands and other facilities located on the territory of the master development.

The various housing and commercial buildings within the complex, as well as the vast green environment make it an attractive location for different businesses and corporations to house their headquarters. The commercial hub is 63,000 sq. ft, with over 37 office and retail spaces, and was built in Al Multaqa Avenue in February 2021.

Developers in Mirdif Hills


Mirdif Hills is a one-of-its-kind development in the northeast of Dubai. The complex is located 25 km from Downtown Dubai, on 78th Street, which is on the eastern part of Mirdif district.

Mirdif Hills is surrounded by the four million square foot Mushrif Park on the east side and Shorooq district on the south side, and the north and west sides of the area are part of other Mirdif residential neighbourhoods. The nearest highway to the community development is Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road which is located to the west of Mirdif.

Public Transport

Public transport is available within the territory of the complex. Buses are the nearest accessible form of transport, with bus stops within just a few minutes’ walking distance from the area. The metro is one of the most affordable types of transport, as you can use it to get to any station from just USD 3. However, the Dubai Metro is mainly developed in the more central areas of the city, so the closest station to Mirdif Hills would be Rashidiya, which is located a 20 minute walk away.

Taxi’s still remain the most popular mode of transport, which is again still fairly affordable compared to other cities across the globe. It costs approximately USD 9 to get from Mirdif Hills to the center of Dubai via taxi. Cars are also popular among citizens and can be a huge advantage during the hot summer months, and there are many parking areas in Mirdif Hills that make it much easier to have a car.


Mirdif Hills is a mixed-use development and contains not only apartments, but also different entertainment facilities and retail outlets for both residences and visitors. There is a Millenium Hotel with 116 rooms located within the district and over 50 retail outlets within Mirdif Hills to make shopping and running errands much easier. There are a number of recreational clubs that attract even more residents from outside the area as well.

Even though there are no shopping malls in Mirdif Hills, a couple of them are located near to the complex. Mirdif Avenue is situated across 78th street and takes less than 5 minutes’ to get there from the development. A few blocks west, sits Mirdif Mall which is on 62B Street and takes just 15 minutes’ to walk there.

Along with the shopping malls there are other entertainment places worth visiting. As mentioned earlier, Mushrif Park is located east of Mirdif Hills, and there are also two theme parks located in this area – Aventura Parks and Happy Fun Mushrif Park. Both leisure destinations offer different types of activities in which both families, children and individuals of all ages can spend some quality time together outdoors.

Churches and Mosques

Dubai is a place that is home to many different religions. The nearest mosque is Mohamed Khamis Saeed Albadi Masjid, which is just a 10 minute walk west from Mirdif Hills. There are a few mosques that are placed in Mushrif Park – Mushrif Park Masjid, Mushrif Park Pray Hall and Male Prayer Hall. The nearest church is Life Church Global, and is located 10 kilometers south of the area in Al Warqa 5.

Schools and Kindergartens

Mirdif Hills has a nursery in Nasayem Avenue and the Mirdif district has different kinds of schools and kindergartens within the territory. For families wanting to enroll their children in a kindergarten there are few options nearby:

  • Emirates British Nursery
  • IDEA Nursery

There are also schools where anyone can apply to study:

  • Dubai Schools Mirdif
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Mirdif Private School 2

The Mirdif district is full of different kinds of speciality schools for creative and aspiring talents. If an individual wants to study music and learn a new musical instrument then there is Brooklyn Melodies Music Center or The Music Institute. Turning Pointe Dance Studio is a great place to learn new moves, and the Ultimate Karate Center will help you to learn everything there is to know about martial arts. All the above mentioned schools and kindergartens are located no more than a 15 minute walk from Mirdif Hills.

Health care facilities

Mirdif Hills has its own hospital located in Al Multaqa Avenue. NMC Hospital is designed with over 200 beds and made for community use.


Al Multaqa Avenue is a more commercial area than residential. Within the vicinity there is the Millennium Hotel which houses different restaurants, cafes and coffee shops. Just across the street of Mirdif Hills are plenty of both casual and up-market restaurants, for instance, sushi lovers and residents could go to the Sumo Sushi & Bento Mirdif Hills restaurant, and Wet Burgers is the best choice when it comes to casual dining for the ultimate burger. Many other fast food restaurants are located within a 10 minute walk from Mirdif Hills.

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Economic Attractiveness

Mirdif Hills is a mixed development with residential, commercial and retail complexes, such as 1-4 bedroom apartments, duplexes and serviced apartments which are available for businesses and corporations. As mentioned earlier, there is also the Millennium Hotel and other commercial properties located on the territory of Mirdif Hills.

There are some benefits of Mirdif Hills that investors might want to take into account:

  • Mirdif Hills is a relatively new development that attracts new residents to the area.
  • The area is located further away from the center but still has excellent travel links to the rest of Dubai. As the city becomes bigger, there are more people looking for property in different areas of the region.
  • Mirdif is more of a residential district than a touristic one, which makes it perfect for people who want to find a place to live but not be bothered by the hustle and bustle of the city.
  • There is a large diversity of residential, retail and commercial properties.
  • Mirdif Hills is a freehold community.
Mushrif Village

Popular Properties

There are different kind of properties, from small apartments, to studios and duplexes for sale and to rent in different areas in Mirdif Hills:

Janayen Avenue

Apartments here are one of the most popular types of property to buy in this area. One-bedroom apartments of 780 sq. ft cost from USD 255,000, and a one-bedroom studio apartment of 460 sq. ft starts from USD 150,000. The most popular property to rent in Janayen Avenue is a two-bedroom apartment of 1,400 sq. ft which will cost USD 20,000 a year.

Nasayem Avenue

Located in the center of Mirdif Hills, Nasayem Avenue consists of two and three-bedroom apartments. Apartments with two bedrooms have a total area of 1,350 sq. ft and cost from USD 400,000, while a three-bedroom unit of 2,700 sq. ft costs USD 770,000. However, a studio apartment with one bedroom of 500 sq. ft will cost around USD 160,000.

Al Multaqa Avenue

One-bedroom apartments of 765 sq. ft will cost USD 250,000 in Al Multaqa Avenue. Studio apartments with one bedroom and a living area of 465 sq. ft will cost USD 150,000. To rent a studio apartment of 480 sq. ft will cost USD 10,600 a year.

Mushrif Village

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Properties for Sale & Rent in Mirdif Hills

Unit ReferenceTitleSizeBedsBathsPrice
MP-S-34237 Office|Mushrif Park View|Multiple Units Available 1,970 sq. ft. 2,899,546 AED
MP-S-34234 Full Floor For Sale | Shell and Core | Mirdif 9,799 sq. ft. 14,423,789 AED
MP-S-35089 Shell and Core Retail Space in Mirdif Hills | 3,792 sq. ft. 8,720,634 AED
MP-S-35049 Retail Space | Shell and Core | Mirdif Hills 8,142 sq. ft. 18,725,680 AED
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