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RTA has introduced a booking service through WhatsApp for driving tests

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has recently made significant progress in improving its digital services. One of the latest additions is the introduction of a new feature that allows individuals to conveniently book and reschedule driving tests through the popular messaging platform, WhatsApp. This service, accessible via the RTA’s Mahboub Chatbot at 0588009090, aims to provide users with quick and secure access to the RTA’s wide range of services.

According to a statement released by the Dubai Media Office, the introduction of driving tests via WhatsApp is part of the RTA’s ongoing efforts to increase customer satisfaction. By utilising the Mahboub Chatbot, users can easily schedule their driving tests and make payments without having to navigate the official application or the RTA’s website.

Mira Ahmed Al Sheikh, the Director of the Smart Services Department at RTA’s Corporate Technical Support Services Sector, highlighted the interactive nature of the service. In addition to scheduling driving tests and paying fees, users can also obtain information about the RTA’s procedures and services through the Mahboub Chatbot. The chatbot utilises continuous learning capabilities, enabling it to improve its responses based on previous conversations and provide more accurate and helpful information.

To cater to a wider audience, the Mahboub Chatbot is available in both Arabic and English. Al Sheikh also mentioned ongoing efforts to enhance the chatbot’s artificial intelligence techniques, with the goal of making it even more proficient in understanding natural human language and providing responses that closely resemble those of humans.

With over 250 informational and procedural services available, the Mahboub Chatbot offers a comprehensive range of features through the WhatsApp channel. These services include paying public parking fees, inquiring about vehicle ownership renewal, accessing nol card services, paying fines, marine transportation services and much more.

The RTA’s commitment to utilising artificial intelligence technologies aligns with the UAE Strategy for Artificial Intelligence, which aims to position the UAE as a global leader in AI by 2031. By embracing innovative solutions like the Mahboub Chatbot and the integration of digital services through WhatsApp, the RTA is at the forefront of providing efficient and convenient services to its customers.

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