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Modus Capital has developed an app for tourists in Dubai

Epic Reality is an augmented reality (AR) travel app that allows users to view the safety and health measures for each location or event in Dubai.

Developers at venture capital firm Modus Capital first began working on Epic Reality back in 2012, with the goal of revolutionizing the topic of travel. But by the time they received funding and were ready to launch, the travel industry was globally suspended by the COVID-19 pandemic, so they had to rethink their entire launch strategy.

New apps in Dubai

According to Ahmad Daneshwar, Co-Founder of Epic Reality, the main goal of the app was to realize the possibility of providing both tourists and the local population with important information on how to navigate through events and everyday life in Dubai during a pandemic, when health and safety come first. In addition, Co-Founder Daniel Ashtari said:

“The app has been developed with an intuitive design and user-friendly interface that promises to provide users with timely information and significant assistance during a pandemic.”

The principle behind Epic Reality is that it acts as a real-time map of the city as a safe guide, including providing important information about the COVID-19 precautions, social distancing rules, temperature checks, dress code rules and occupancy limitations as well as a pre-booking function.

Currently, the app only works in Dubai and users can install it on their Apple iOS and Android devices. According to the developing company, it plans to launch Epic Reality in major world cities such as Europe and the US, as well as the entire MENA region.

An important operating principle is that Epic Reality works with the latest data from international sources, such as the World Health Organization (WHO), and uses an algorithm to analyze the risk of Covid-19 infection. A detailed list of activities, events, attractions, tourist tours, restaurants, cafes and bars is created for users, where all the necessary information about each place or activity is displayed according to the pandemic environment.

It is also worth noting that the managing partner of Modus Capital, Karim Elsirafi added:

“Epic Reality will allow tourists and locals to discover and book events in a well-informed and secure way.”

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