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Metropolitan Group makes the list of top 3 Best Workplaces

Metropolitan Group, a prominent leader in the real estate industry in the UAE, has been duly recognised as the 3rd Best Workplace in the year 2024. This acknowledgement was given in the Large-sized Business category by the globally acclaimed authority on workplace culture, Great Place To Work.

Metropolitan Group continues to create history as it remains the first and only real estate brokerage to ever be included on the list. The official index, which ranks the best employers in the UAE, is based on confidential feedback given by employees, in addition to a thorough audit of management practices and the culture at work.

In the previous year, 2023, the Group secured 6th place as the Best Workplace in the UAE, marking a significant improvement from their ranking in 2022 where they came in 10th place. Furthermore, the Group was recognised as #1 Best Place to Work for Women in the GCC in 2022, and receive a spot on the Best Workplaces list for millennials in the GCC for two consecutive years.

One of the key elements leading to Metropolitan Group’s success in 2023 was its substantial investment in Human Resources (HR). The department was restructured to form a new People, Performance and Culture Team, which prioritised the needs of the employees and aimed to foster a high-performance workplace culture.

Mike Fleet, the Deputy CEO of Metropolitan Group, said that in 2023, the company embarked on an ambitious journey to redefine its corporate identity by creating a new standalone HR brand. Internally, it strives to embody and promote the company culture, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose among employees. Externally, it aims to drive brand awareness and position Metropolitan Group as a top destination employer for skilled talent in the market.

The cornerstone of this transformation is the newly designed HR operating system. Instead of simply providing basic HR employee services, the new structure was designed to provide insightful data about the personnel and improve decision-making processes.

According to Nikita Kuznetsov, CEO of Metropolitan Group, the company’s objective is singular and clear — it aspires to be recognised as the premier brokerage for real estate services in the entire United Arab Emirates and the first choice of employment for the real estate community.

As the company continues to grow, its commitment to providing employees with optimal working conditions remains steadfast. That said, a staggering 100,000 sq. ft of state-of-the-art office spaces opened in five key locations across the UAE. This move represents the commitment to investing in the best possible infrastructure that will support Metropolitan Group’s team in delivering exceptional real estate services.

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