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Dubai Future Solutions launches a new initiative to stimulate innovation with a prize fund of USD 10,000,000

A new initiative called Dubai Future Solutions was launched on Monday, October 11, where innovators will be able to share their solutions to global challenges that arise in healthcare, energy, transportation, education, data and artificial intelligence. Participating teams will not only be able to test their ideas and develop solutions as part of Dubai’s integrated innovation ecosystem but also share their experiences and knowledge to build global partnerships. The program was launched with the support of the Crown Prince of Dubai and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Dubai Future Fund (DFF) – Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

The main focus is to encourage the global scientific community to accelerate research into better batteries that can withstand extreme weather conditions in all corners of the world. The main requirements for the proposed solutions are their efficiency, cost-effectiveness, versatility and readiness for immediate deployment. Through Dubai Future Solutions, a team will be sought and selected to develop a battery that can withstand the most extreme weather conditions for a specified period of time. Once selected, the winner will receive a cash prize of USD 10,000,000 from the Dubai government.

Applications will be reviewed by a special committee of experts from various sectors. The selection criteria will be practicality, scalability, economic feasibility of the development and its continued adaptability to the changing demands of the future.

The selection includes steps such as:

  1. Registration.
  2. First qualifying round.
  3. Second qualifying round.
  4. Determination of winners.

The first round of the Dubai Future Solutions initiative will include the creation of batteries that are resistant to weathering and extreme temperatures, making them suitable for space and oil and gas applications. New developments in clean energy production and storage respond to the demand for a new format of batteries in portable devices, electric vehicles, aircraft and spacecraft. Right now, research centers around the world are striving to develop lighter, more powerful batteries at a lower cost. The second round will select the 3 best solutions for global problems. You can submit your ideas on the official Dubai Future Solutions website.

In addition to the Dubai Future Solutions initiative, in May this year, Sheikh Hamdan launched a new integrated digital platform Dubai Next, which gives young innovators and entrepreneurs the opportunity to receive project funding. The program presents innovators’ projects for consideration by potential investors.

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