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Dubai Canal

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Projects in Dubai Canal

The Rings
60/40 Payment Plan
4% DLD
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Casa Canal
60/40 Payment Plan
Handover 2025 Q4
Cavalli Couture
70/30 Payment Plan
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By DAMAC x Cavalli
One Canal
60/40 Payment Plan
4% DLD
Handover 2024 Q4
Dar Al Arkan Pagani Tower
20/80 Payment Plan
Handover 2024 Q2
Mr. C Residences
Handover 2023 Q4
Safa Park Phase-1 SB02b
Ready to Move In
Safa Park Phase-1 SB02a
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About Dubai Canal

Dubai Canal is a waterway that starts from Business Bay under the Sheikh Zayed Road, and flows between Al Wasl and Jumeirah 2 which connects them both to the Dubai Creek and the Arabian Gulf. The project was implemented by the Meydan Sobha Group and Meraas, and was launched back in 2013.

The opening of Dubai Canal took place at the end of 2016 and following Dubai Creek, it turned this part of Dubai into a large island.

Dubai Canal is a popular holiday destination and one of the newer landmarks in Dubai. Along the canal there is a beautiful embankment with a well-thought-out infrastructure. What makes it iconic, is a waterfall-shaped fountain that falls directly from the Sheikh Zayed Road and is illuminated in various colours at night. The futuristic pedestrian Tolerance Bridge connects the north bank with Al Safa Park, while the Water Canal Footbridge joins the canal to the bay, right next to Al Wasl Road.

Along the Dubai Canal are low-rise building areas with villas and residential complexes, as well as small apartments. The area is actively being developed and many land plots are being offered to both citizens and foreign nationals. The close proximity to the sea and its good transport accessibility to the business districts of Dubai like Business Bay, Downtown Dubai and DIFC make real estate in the Dubai Canal area very attractive for investors.

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Developers in Dubai Canal

Infrastructure of Dubai Canal

Dubai Canal itself has a well-developed transport infrastructure, as there are several ferry stops on its shores (routes DC1, DC2). One can get from the southern coast of the canal by car via one of the bridges over Al Wasl Road or Jumeirah Beach Road.

Business Bay MRT Station is a 5-minute ride from the Water Canal Sheikh Zayed Ferry Station on the North Shore. One can walk to the station in about 20 minutes from either end of the canal.

The No. 15 bus runs across the bridge on Al Wasl Street, which will take you from Al Wasl Road BoxPark 2 on the North Shore to Al Safa Metro Station in about 20 minutes. The same distance takes less than 10 minutes when travelling by car. There are also several bus routes that go through Jumeirah Street.

Since the development of coastal areas is mostly low-rise, parking is allocated to residents with private parking garages or spaces outside their property. However, there are plenty of public parking spaces along the canal as well.

Since the Dubai Canal is fairly long, the exact travel time to certain sites and attractions in the city depends on whether it is closer to Business Bay and the Sheikh Zayed Road, or to the coast and Jumeirah Street.

From Business Bay, one can get to attractions based in Downtown Dubai in less than 10 minutes’ by car and can reach Jumeirah Beach in about 10-15 minutes. Downtown Dubai can also be reached in 10-15 minutes’ by car from the areas along the coast.

On average, when driving from the areas surrounding Dubai Canal, it takes approximately:

  • 20 minutes’ to Dubai International Airport
  • 20 minutes’ to Palm Jumeirah
  • 40 minutes’ to Al Maktoum International Airport

Shops and Shopping Centers

There are no shopping malls along the Dubai Canal, however, smaller supermarkets can be found along the route instead. Not far from Jumeirah Beach, one can buy groceries at the Sea Side mini mart. In Jumeirah 2, next to Al Wasl Road, which is very close to the canal, one can go to Rana grocery, and next to Safa Park on Al Wasl Road, there is a small British branded supermarket called Choithrams and a Union Corp hypermarket. Tayba Butchery & Grills and Al Reef Lebanese Bakery are also located next to Safa Park, with each receiving high praises from their customers for their services and goods.

The Wasl Square shopping center in the same area is a place where one can do a little shopping in a relaxed atmosphere, and purchase not only clothes, but also goods for the home. The Dar Wasl residential complex also provides the opportunity to buy groceries from the branch of Fine Fare supermarket.

Large shopping malls near the canal include Oasis Center which is located on the Sheikh Zayed Road. In the Al Wasl area, there are many shops in Boxpark, which is an outdoor retail area which has an urban cool design, as well as a large number of international brands and fine eateries in the Galleria Mall and City Walk.

Restaurants and Cafes

There is a wide variety of restaurants near Dubai Canal and in the surrounding areas. Arz Lebanese Restaurant, Lena Lu Bomboloni (Australian cuisine) and Samurai Sushi & Grill, are all located in the Jumeirah 3 area near the bay on the Jumeirah Beach Road side.

In Al Safa 2 there is Enjoy Poke (Hawaiian cuisine), and next to the Safa-park one can visit the Cafe Peloton coffee shop, the Vibe Cafe, as well as the Mamak restaurant (Malaysian cuisine).

La Plage complex on the south bank of the canal in Jumeirah 2 has a TTMB (To the Moon and Back Coffee) coffee shop. Al Falamanki Dubai (Lebanese cuisine) and Samad Al Iraqi Restaurant, as well as Kabab Erbil Iraqi Restaurant, are the best places to taste some of the finest kebabs in Dubai, and are all located in the Jumeirah 2 area near Jumeirah Street.

Several cafes and restaurants are located in the residential complex of Dar Wasl, such as La Terrasse Cafe, Drop Coffee-Dubai, SMK (Smoked Meat Kitchen), Protein & Carb, as well as the Japanese restaurant Reif Japanese Kushiyaki.

Gyms and Beauty salons

Not too far away from Jumeirah Beach is the Silver Shadow Salon. Next to Sunrise Beach there is one of the most famous women’s spa centers – Dubai Ladies Club which has its own beach and is known for having an incredibly private and relaxing wellness experience.

In the residential complex of La Plage, there is Lubasha Beauty Salon, where Russian beauty specialists can make anyone feel relaxed. In Dar Wasl, there is MK Barber Shop and Caro Beauty Spa, close to Mona Beauty Center. Many villas, including those in La Plage and Dar Wasl, have their own swimming pools and gyms.For a more specialized fitness experience, within walking distance from Safa Park, closer to Al Wasl Road, there is a multi-profile sports center called OOMO Fitness Studio.

Preschool and Educational Institutions

Preschool facilities in the Dubai Canal area include:

  • Art Village Nursery, a kindergarten with a Swedish programme, located in Jumeirah 2 near Jumeirah Street on the north bank of the canal.
  • The Little Dreamers Nursery in Jumeirah 3, where the British EYFS standard is applied.
  • Jumeirah International Nursery at Al Safa 1 also teaches according to the EYFS curriculum.
  • Mini Miracles Nursery, which is located in Al Safa 1, (7 minutes’ drive or 20 minutes’ walk) away from Safa Park. The institution prepares toddlers for school.

Schools teaching the British standard curriculum in the Dubai Canal area are:

  • GEMS Jumeirah Primary School in Al Safa is a primary school with small classes. The institution can be reached from City Walk within 10 minutes.
  • Horizon English School (primary school) in Al Wasl near Business Bay.
  • Safa British School is located near Safa Park.
  • Al Safa High School in Al Wasl is a small, relatively new school.

Canadian University for higher education is located relatively close to the Dubai Canal. The university offers a wide range of engineering and architecture majors, and is located near City Walk in Al Wasl.

Medical Institutions and Pharmacies

The large multi-profile Emirates Hospital is located in Jumeirah 2 next to Jumeirah Beach Road. On the other side of the Dubai Canal, opposite Jumeirah Beach Park, there is the medical facility of Al Taie Center.

Opposite Safa Park there is Medcare, which is a general practice clinic with inpatient care, and a little further from the canal along Al Wasl Road is Prime Medical Center. Another option is NLV Medical Center, which is located next to the Dar Wasl residential complex.

LIFE Pharmacy-Medlife is located opposite Safa Park as well as the large Medi Prime Pharmacy in the Al Taie Center.


HSBC Jumeirah Branch is located on Al Wasl Road opposite Safa Park. Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) is located on Al Wasl Road within walking distance of the Dubai Canal near the Sheikh Zayed Road.

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Entertainment in Dubai Canal

Both residents and visitors can enjoy their free time on the Dubai Canal embankment, as there are walking and running paths, a bicycle lane, a playground, and lots of greenery. At night, the embankment and bridges are beautifully lit and can be seen from miles away. It is also possible to charge your phone at the designated charging points as well as access the internet whilst on your walk.

From the areas along the Dubai Canal, it is easy to get to the beaches by a foot ferry. Even if you are in the Sheikh Zayed Road area, you can reach one of the beaches by car in 10 minutes’ at most. The closest beach to the canal on the southern bank is the public beach of Jumeirah Beach, and on the northern side is Sunrise Beach. In the surrounding area of ​​the beaches one can find yacht clubs, diving clubs, areas for outdoor sports games and playgrounds.

There is a large green area surrounding Dubai Canal in the form of Safa Park, which is a great place for relaxing walks and to entertain the children. Tennis courts can also be found there for sports enthusiasts.

One can drive to Downtown Dubai (it will take 10 to 20 minutes’ by car, depending on how close you are to the coast) and look at the mesmerizing Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountains, as well as visit the largest shopping mall in the world, The Dubai Mall.

If one wants to explore the history of the UAE, the Jumeirah Archaeological Site, which is also a museum, is located in Al Wasl. The Boxpark and City Walk areas along Al Wasl Road offer not only a great shopping experience, but also small art galleries, play areas, an indoor rainforest, restaurants and cafes and cinemas. It is a perfect place to relax with the whole family.

Economic Appeal of Dubai Canal

The areas surrounding the Dubai Canal are considered expensive, yet comfortable and quiet, with shops and establishments essential for living closeby and easy access to beaches and the business districts such as DIFC, Business Bay and Downtown Dubai. This also determines the nature of the construction, as there are no high-rise buildings. There are mostly expensive villas in the districts, as well as apartment complexes with residences comprising at least three bedrooms, which are aimed at those who prefer a bigger space and a comfortable living.

It is worth purchasing residential property here if you are not constrained financially and want to own a luxury home in the city center. The cost of villas here start from AED 5M (USD 1.3M).

On the other hand, renting a villa or apartment might be more attainable, as rentals for both are in high demand.

The yield on a rental for villas is lower; if we consider a long-term rental, then the ROI will be no higher than 4%. However renting out an apartment is more profitable, as the yield on renting a one-bedroom apartment can reach 6%. The difficulty lies in actually finding an apartment for sale in the Jumeirah areas near Dubai Canal, as property for sale in this area are very few and far between. This is due to the main complexes of Dar Wasl and La Plage only having rentals available.

*The price is valid for 2024

Perhaps the most reliable option for investing in elite real estate is to acquire a land plot and implement a project based on one’s personal preferences for the construction of a villa. However, such a purchase requires a significant amount of money, since the plot alone will cost at least AED 3.7M (USD 1M). Therefore, individuals rarely engage in such investments.

If one still wants to consider purchasing real estate, then it might be better to in the surrounding areas of the canal. Larger residential complexes are worth considering, such as Aykon City or Al Habtoor City in Business Bay or City Walk on Al Wasl Road (all areas are about a 10 minute drive from the canal). There are budget-friendly apartments from 322 sq. ft available for the starting price of AED 550K (USD 150K). Given their convenient location, this can be quite a profitable investment.

Furthermore, one should keep in mind that the areas around Dubai Canal can also attract wealthy tourists who want to visit the beach and explore the city’s landmarks as well, which means both villas and apartments can be rented out on a daily basis. The residential complexes of Garden Villas and The Terraces in Jumeirah 2 are quite popular from this point of view.

*The price is valid for 2024

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Popular Property of Dubai Canal

Areas surrounding the Dubai Canal which include Al Wasl, Jumeirah 2 and Jumeirah 3 and Al Safa, are mostly built up with private villas. This is a fairly expensive residential property option, as all of them will have quality finishings and spacious layouts, designed for comfortable family-friendly living. The number of bedrooms in these villas within the above mentioned areas usually varies from three to five. The villas are used both for living and for rentals. Residents enjoy all the benefits of private parking, landscaped private gardens, the opportunity to live close to the sea and at the same time be close to the city center, as well as close proximity to important institutions (schools, hospitals) and the availability of recreational facilities. Currently, there are a wide range of villas on offer in Jumeirah 2 Villas. In some communities like Dar Wasl there are villas and apartments in low-rise, hotel-type buildings.

Situated practically on the southern coast by the Dubai Canal near Jumeirah Beach is the apartment complex of La Plage from AJD Real Estate, which sits on the corner of Jumeirah Beach Road and Al Athar Street. These are several low-rise buildings within a secured area, equipped with all the necessary residential amenities. There are also still land plots available, most of them based in Al Wasl.

Several property complexes in the Business Bay area on the other side of Sheikh Zayed Road, such as Akoya and Habtoor City, are also within walking distance of the Dubai Canal. These high-rise towers offer both apartments and penthouses.

Property for Sale

Jumeirah 2 Villas are located within walking distance of Dubai Canal between Jumeirah Beach Road and Al Wasl Road. In the same area is the urban shopping and entertainment complex of Box Park, which houses multiple shops, cafes, childcare facilities and clinics. There is also a beach nearby, and public transport stops all along the Al Wasl Road.

Most of the villas for sale in these areas have five bedrooms. These are fairly spacious residences with an average living area of about 5,381 sq. ft, designed for those who like their space and comfort. There are options for both furnished and unfurnished villas, but they are always equipped with the necessary kitchen appliances, an air-conditioning system, a barbecue area, and covered parking. Most villas have a maid’s room, storage rooms or built-in wardrobes, balconies, gardens and sometimes an outdoor pool. The cost varies in the range of AED 5-10M (USD 1.4-2.7M), depending on the features of the property. There are also more affordable options, but currently they are not for sale, only to rent. Sometimes there are offers on the sale of land plots, with almost all of them having an area of at least ​​10,000 sq. ft. The cost of such plots are from about AED 5-6M (approximately USD 1.4M).

*The price is valid for 2024

For instance, a villa in Jumeirah 2 Villas with five bedrooms, five bathrooms, a maid’s room, and an area of ​​5,595 sq. ft, can be sold for AED 10M (USD 2.7M).

There are villas available for sale in Jumeirah 3 Villas, a community located along Jumeirah Street near Jumeirah Beach. These are luxury villas with at least four bedrooms, have an average cost of AED 10M (USD 2.7M), and a living area of around 10,763 sq. ft.

Another example is a villa with five bedrooms and five bathrooms and a floorplan area of ​​9,999 sq. ft on a plot with a garden and a swimming pool and five parking spaces in a covered parking area. The property also consists of a barbecue area, air conditioning, fully fitted kitchen, with oriental style design elements and a balcony with a wrought iron railing. This type of unit will cost USD 10.5M (about USD 2.9M).

*The price is valid for 2024

The Al Wasl area, between Al Wasl Road and Sheikh Zayed Road, is dominated by villas and low-rise apartments. Villas here usually comprise 3-5 bedrooms, from 2,690 sq. ft. However, because the area is inhabited and built up, this type of property is rarely put up for sale.

In saying this, land plots are now available for sale. A plot with an area of ​10,860 sq. ft will cost AED 6.4M (USD 1.7M).

It is also worth mentioning the complex of six high-rise towers called Aykon City by DAMAC Properties, which is located on the Business Bay side of the SZR near Safa Park. The complex will offer residents the opportunity to access swimming pools, gyms and recreation areas, and residents will also be provided with underground parking spaces, and a play area will be on-site for children. The complex features studios and apartments with 1-3 bedrooms from 322 sq.ft to 1,700 sq.ft. Properties are currently being sold off-plan and apartments are offered with premium finishings and fixtures, and fully fitted kitchens.

In Aykon City apartments of 818 sq. ft with one bedroom and two bathrooms cost AED 1.2M (USD 333K).

*The price is valid for 2024

Property for Rent

Almost all residential complexes in the areas immediately adjacent to the Dubai Canal currently offer apartments to rent only, and offers for sale are rare.

The Dar Wasl complex is located next to Al Wasl Street in the area of ​​the same name. The complex consists of several low-rise buildings with design elements in an oriental style. The complex has indoor covered parking, a communal swimming pool, a gym, a children’s pool and playground, a tennis court and squash court. Security services and the reception work round the clock, and all rooms are connected to a central air conditioning system.

The apartments are available with fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms. Mainly apartments with two and three bedrooms are offered to rent, with a yearly rental price at AED 100,000-125,000 (USD 27,200-34,000). One can also rent villas in Dar Wasl (usually the living area is about 5,381 sq. ft), with annual rental prices averaging at AED 160K-400K per year (this is approximately USD 43.5-109K).

An apartment in Dar Wasl with two bedrooms, a maid’s room and three bathrooms, with a total living area of ​​1,453 sq. ft will cost AED 97K (USD 26.4K) per year.

Both villas and apartments can be rented in Jumeirah 2 Villas.

*The price is valid for 2024

The annual rental price for villas (floorplan area can vary from 1,614 sq. ft-5,381 sq. ft) is on average around AED 200K (USD 54.5K).

Modern unfurnished apartments of 861 sq. ft in Jumeirah 2 Villas complex with one bedroom and two bathrooms with a built-in wardrobe, ironing room and washing machine, large balcony, spacious kitchen and large floor-to-ceiling windows can be rented for AED 68K (USD 18.5K) per year.

The residential complex of La Plage is located a few minutes from Dubai Canal and Jumeirah Beach in Jumeirah 2, and is a quiet and peaceful place. The complex is equipped with central air conditioning, parking for residents, a communal swimming pool, a gym and sauna, barbecue area and an inner garden. The reception service works around the clock and the complex is guarded by security. Renting an apartment here will cost around AED 65K (USD 17.7K) per year for one-bedroom apartments, and about AED 80K (approximately USD 21.8K) for an apartment with two bedrooms.

An apartment of 753 sq. ft to rent in La Plage with one bedroom and two bathrooms will cost AED 65K (about USD 16.3K) per year.

*The price is valid for 2024

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