UAE demonstrates global leadership in providing personal security for women

The United Arab Emirates ranked second in the world after Norway (94%) in the ranking of the top five countries with the highest index of law and order (Gallup for Security and Order 2021) with 93%. Closely followed by China (93%), Switzerland (93%) and Finland (92%). The UAE also takes the honorable 1st place in the ranking of countries in which it is safest to walk alone at night, having scored 95%. Other countries that followed suit were Norway (93%), China (91%), Slovenia (91%) and Taiwan (89%).

Announcing on his Twitter account on November 17 2021, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai noted:

According to a Gallup for Security and Order 2021 report, the UAE ranks first in the world in the number of residents traveling alone at night. Safety is a blessing … Safety is peace, tranquility and life … If a woman wanders alone at any time of day or night without fear, know that she is in the Emirates … May God protect the Emirates and perpetuate their security

In October of this year, the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security (GIWPS) conducted a study showing that the UAE demonstrates world leadership in personal safety for women at night. According to the Women, Peace and Security Index, 98.5% of all girls and women aged 15 and over surveyed, said they felt safest when walking alone in the emirate or their neighbourhoods. These are the highest numbers compared to other countries in the world. The second place in this survey went to Singapore, with a score of 96.9 percent.

According to researchers, women’s sense of security plays a key role, where the main objective of this report was to show how the world is changing when women can participate in decision-making and have access to jobs and recreation on equal terms with men.

On a separate note, women in the UAE enjoy the same constitutional rights as men. In addition, they have access to education within the UAE, social and health benefits, as well as access to government institutions. In addition, the UAE has a number of special regulations, laws and initiatives designed to protect women’s rights and promote gender equality in all areas of society. These can be found on the UAE government’s official portal,

As in previous rankings, Global Finance magazine considered 3 fundamental factors in evaluating countries around the world, such as personal safety, risk of natural disasters, and presence of military conflicts and peaceful life. The assessment also took into account the unique risk factors associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. A proactive vaccination campaign helped the UAE to become one of the leaders in the World’s Safest Countries 2021 ranking, where data for 2020 was taken into account, as well as data submitted no later than May 30, 2021. In addition, Global Finance evaluated factors such as the number of deaths from the disease per capita and the percentage of the vaccinated population to ensure the authenticity of the information provided.

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