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Dubai ranks first on the Tripadvisor list of the most popular destinations worldwide in 2022

Having received over 6 million visitors in the first 11 months of 2021, Dubai has once again become a major tourist hub, in spite of the COVID-19 restrictions in overseas countries. In fact, according to the Tripadvisor 2022 Travellers’ Choice Awards, the country topped the list of the most popular global destinations for 2022, having obtained astonishing reviews across all of the tourism sectors, such as activities and places to go to. Dubai has managed to surpass the likes of London, Cancun, Bali, Crete, Rome and Paris, as it stands out with its excellent gourmet dining, luxury hotels and world-class entertainment.

That being said, the year of 2022 plans to be a busy one for the emirate, as it is set to open of some of the most major attractions and an array of exciting events. For starters, at Dubai Parks and Resorts, the Middle East’s first LEGOLAND Hotel is ready to welcome overnight guests from today, 21 January, featuring a total of 250 themed rooms. Full of immersive experiences, this exclusive destination houses an enormous temperature-controlled swimming pool with LEGO brick floating toys, a disco lift and a castle-themed play area. As LEGOLAND Hotel is aimed towards families with children, its standard rooms can accommodate up to 5 guests, while its family rooms can sleep up to 8 people. There are 4 immersive themed rooms and suites:

  1. LEGO Friends with pink and purple décor, bunk beds and a few LEGO Friends’ toys.
  2. Kingdom rooms with shields, bunting and a designated royal chamber for children.
  3. Pirate rooms with white and red striped bedding and pirate-themed LEGO toys.
  4. Adventure rooms with Egyptian hieroglyphic-themed décor and a surprise treasure hunt.

On the same date, Dubai Parks and Resorts will witness the openings of 2 record-breaking rides: the world’s fastest single-car spinning coaster at the Now You See Me, and the world’s first attraction inspired by the John Wick film franchise.

The Now You See Me: The High Roller will feature immersive storytelling, magic shows and a series of optical illusions, to recreate the atmosphere of the franchise. The roller coaster, meanwhile, is able to reach up to 43 miles per hour, with non-inverted loops and a 1,640-foot long track. Riders are guaranteed to have the time of their lives, as the first drop of the coaster is nearly 7 floors high and includes an underground experience as well.

John Wick: Open Contract ride is a 10-storey high 4D free spin roller coaster, which is set over a 1,017-foot track and delivers G-force of up to a whopping 2.8 Gs.

This year will also see the Museum of the Future set to become a stunning centerpiece of Dubai’s Financial District. Before the construction was even completed, the Museum of the Future was named one of the 14 most beautiful museums on the planet by National Geographic. Designed by Shaun Killa, the futuristic landmark has 1,024 plates on its façade, produced by automated robotic arms. Moreover, the exterior of the AED 500M (USD 136M) museum is illuminated by more than 45 thousand ft of Arabic calligraphy.

Besides a major inflow of tourists, Dubai has also registered an astonishing growth in its real estate sector in 2021, making it the best year regarding the value of property sales since 2009. In total, 2021 saw Dubai real estate deals worth about AED 151B (USD 41.1B), as a result of the historically low mortgage rates and a surge in demand for ultra-luxury real estate, among others.

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