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Dubai becomes world’s first paperless government and world’s leading digital capital

Dubai has become the first government in the world that is 100% paperless. The news was announced by the Crown Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum.

The Dubai Paperless Strategy was launched back in 2018 and was divided into five phases, which enlisted various entities of the Dubai Government. As of today, all 45 government entities within the emirate are now paperless.

The Dubai Land Department (DLD), Roads and Transportation Authority (RTA), Department of Economic Development – Government of Dubai (DED), Department of Tourism and Dubai’s Department of Tourism & Commerce Marketing (DTCM) were among the first entities which abandoned paper documentation in 2018.

The second stage began in 2019 as the Dubai Courts, Knowledge and Human Development Authority, Dubai Health Authority and the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs were among the entities that joined the Dubai Paperless Strategy. By the fourth stage, the launch of the100% digital Stamp was announced, in which the award is given to government entities that have met 100% of the strategic goals.

More than 336М papers were cut, with more than AED 1.3В (USD 353.9М) and 14М man-hours saved by switching to digital operations. This makes Dubai the leading digital city in the world.

However, if an employee or a customer wants to print a document, he/she can still do this at any service or typing centers. It’s supposed that this achievement will lead Dubai into a new stage of digitalization. Over the next five decades, the enhancement of digital life in Dubai will be provided with the help of innovative strategies. This digital journey will correspond to residents’ needs and should make their life much easier.

Dubai residents can use the DubaiNow app, which is the only application from the Dubai government, and offers more than 120 city services from more than 30 entities. DubaiNow helps save time and lets users use its services without even leaving the house. Individuals can pay bills and any government fees, as well as view and pay traffic fines, purchase and renew their car insurance, and even purchase or sell a car. The DubaiNow app also allows users to track the status of visa applications and Dubai Court cases. The app can also make donations, find directions to the nearest mosques and pharmacies. You can also find flight timetables and submit lost and found luggage at Dubai Airport. Parents can use the DubaiNow app to track the vaccination plan of their children and read information about schools and universities, as well as apply and receive information about the institutions academic history.

In addition, since the beginning of next year, the UAE is moving to a shorter workweek, making it the first country in the world with a 4.5 workweek. All government measures of this nature will help eliminate all obstacles to economic, financial and trade transactions with other countries of the world. It should also be noted that all the initiatives of the UAE government are focused on attracting new foreign investments and attracting foreign specialists, who will be comfortable to work and live here alone or with their families.

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