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    The Heart of Europe is a residential complex by Kleindienst Group. The resort complex is essentially a group of six islands with each representing climatic and architectural features of well-known European cities. The complex offers several types of real estate: hotel room, apartments and villas. Prices for property in The Heart of Europe start at USD 10 120 per sq. ft (AED 37 190). Apartments for sale start from AED 1 700 000 (USD 6 240 000).

    The development is still in progress and is planned to be fully completed in Q4 2021. The developer guarantees a ROI of 8.33% annually. It is expected that the units will fully pay off in 12 years.

    The resort complex is a small archipelago of artificial islands located four kilometers away from Dubai coastline. Since it features various architectural styles, The Heart of Europe is often called the World Islands. It is worth noting that there have been no Covid-19 cases on the resort’s territory to date. Natural isolation and strict safety protocols make The Heart of Europe one of the safest places of the world.

    Each island is home to luxury 5-star hotels with open zones and all-year climate control function. It is a German pioneering climate-control technology that made the project come true. It allows simulating summer weather conditions of South Europe in hot Dubai. The climate-control system maintains an ambient temperature of 27 °C, wind speed of 5 km/h and 60% humidity. Let us describe each island of the archipelago The Heart of Europe in more detail.

    Sweden Island

    The island’s architectural style represents the traditions of vikings. The project comprises 10 luxury 6-storeyed mansions, each of which has direct access to the private beach. There is an exotic garden inside each building, a snow room and panoramic glass roof.

    Each mansion is a Maldivian castle surrounded by a white sandy beach. The residents can enjoy regular private parties and activities held exclusively for them.

    The average floor space of the mansions is 2170 sq. ft. Each building features:

    •  7 bedrooms;
    •  A full set of furniture by Bentley Homes;
    •  A sauna, massage room, and a snow room;
    •  A party room on the ground floor;
    •  An exotic garden;
    •  A private beach with white sand.

    Germany Island

    The island comprises Bauhaus-styled villas spread along beaches or lagoons. The interiors feature a combination of minimalistic design and modern technologies. The villas are distinguished by panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows and hanged stairs. The villas have two storeys and a roof terrace.

    The average floor space is 8650 to 9180 sq. ft. Each villa has the following:

    • 4 or 5 bedrooms;
    • A valet room;
    • Panoramic windows with a view of the beach and lagoon;
    • Floating piers which connects the villa to the other islands;
    • A picturesque pool with a Jakuzzi and a children’s pool;
    • A terrace;
    • An exotic garden;
    • A private beach with white sand.

    The Floating Seahorses Villas

    This residential complex is essentially a collection of villas spread along the sea with floating piers connecting the buildings. Each villa consists of three storeys and has a floor space of 4000 sq. ft. The houses have the following distinct features:

    • A submersed room with glass floor;
    • A coral garden;
    • A Jaсuzzi;
    • An outdoor dining zone;
    • Round-the-clock room service;

    Each house is provided with a 100-year warranty.

    Portofino Suites

    Portofino is the very first Italian 5-star hotel in the region. The hotel carries on the traditions of authentic Italian architecture and features a picturesque landscape and has its own harbor while the rooms have a view of the sea and Dubai skyline.

    The hotel has three side wings with rooms of 800 to 2770 sq. ft, a private beach, a pool and a garden. The Portofino’s amenities include:

    • Luxury suites with a children playground and a game room;
    • A children’s club;
    • A spa;
    • A lounge zone;
    • 5 pools;
    • Direct access to the beach.

    Côte d`Azur Resort Suites

    Cote d`Azur Suites is a Dubai approach to French Riviera. The resort complex consists of four boutique hotels named after the port cities of famous Cote d'Azur: Monaco, Nice, Cannes and Saint Tropez. Each hotel consists of 250 rooms with a view of the sea and blue lagoon.

    On the whole, the complex comprises:

    •  893 rooms with a floor space of 485 to 680 sq. ft;
    •  A pool in the shape of lagoon;
    •  Artificial tropical forest;
    •  6 Italian restaurants and cafes;
    •  A fitness-center and spa with a snow room;
    •  Direct access to the beach;
    •  There are 7 cultural festivals held on the territory every year.

    The Floating Lido suites

    Lido is the first in the world 5-star submersed resort. The apartments are located on the Gulf coast and feature the architectural features of Venice. The resort complex comprises:

    •  180 submersed luxury suites with a floor space of 230 to 1440 sq. ft;
    •  10 sand beaches;
    •  24 swimming pools;
    •  A submersed gym, spas and restaurants;
    •  A floating yacht club;
    •  Floating piers and pedestrian lanes.

    There are 7 cultural festivals held in Lido annually.

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