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One of the oldest areas of Dubai, Downtown Dubai, is a harmonious combination of business facilities and luxury residential apartments, luxury hotels, and interesting sights. Many people wish to buy real estate here: on a green and beautiful island, with a huge number of entertainment venues for every taste, a mass of the most famous boutiques and stores, and the head offices of many world companies. Coming to the UAE with the whole family, you can easily find something to do for every member of the family, both adults and children, and you do not have to worry about safety. In the world rankings of countries that are the safest, Dubai ranks first.

Why do we recommend buying an apartment in Forte, Downtown Dubai?

This tall, urban-style building is visible from all corners of the neighborhood and houses many business offices, hotels, and residential apartments.

Apartments are available in a large variety of sizes and types Buying a 3-room apartment will cost on average from AED 4,000,000 (USD 1,090,500) to AED 9,182,000 (USD 2,500,100). Buying a 2-bedroom apartment will require an average investment of AED 28,649,700 (USD 7,800,000). A studio of 1 room will cost about AED 1,836,500 (USD 500,000). It is important to understand that the purchase of real estate in Dubai is not taxed, so there will be no extra costs when processing the purchase.

Residential real estate in the area is very popular because almost all the life of the city is concentrated here, with excellent infrastructure:

  • ver 1200 stores;
  • amusement parks and a lot of attractions and recreation areas;
  • the world’s largest “gold” market;
  • near the famous highways: Scheikh and All Khail Road;
  • indergartens, schools, hospitals, government offices and offices of many corporations.

Downtown Dubai is famous for the world’s tallest tower, as well as the Opera House, an underwater zoo, a water park, a large children’s complex and theme park, an ice rink open all year round and a singing fountain.

The building is completely finished and the apartments are available for purchase.

The apartment layouts are varied and everything is designed for the convenience of the residents. The design of each room is a variety of classic and modern styles. The rooms are spacious, bright, with large panoramic windows offering a gorgeous view of the city.

Our Expert Will Help You
Feel Free to Contact Us at Any Time, We Online 24/7

The advantages of buying an apartment in Forte

It is not necessary to buy an apartment only for personal residence; it is ideal for investment, as with any real estate in the UAE, it is a quickly realised project. Here you will always find those who want to buy or rent an apartment, so investing your money in property here, is always profitable.

There are always various business conventions, conferences, automobile shows, sporting events and shows that attract hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world. Having a property in the UAE, can earn you good money through rent.

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