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Dubai’s Malls to Go Back to 10AM – 10PM from May 27

Dubai: Malls in Dubai will go back to the 10am-10pm operating hours from Wednesday, but with social distancing restrictions to remain in place for F&B operators.

Multiple mall owners have sent updates to their tenants regarding the change in timings, as Dubai and the UAE gets back into business mode.

“In light of the amended opening hours, our malls and tenant partners must continue to follow all previously announced health and safety guidelines,” one mall owner’s notice reads. “We welcome these new directives and we will keep you updated with any additional details.”

The 10-10 schedule should apply to weekends as well – but no official confirmation has been received on this as of now.

Well prepared

Retailers were reasonably sure that mall timings would revert to normal by end of Ramadan. “In fact, most of us were geared for going back to the usual timings from the first day of Eid itself,” said one retailer. “So, the schedule was altered by only three days and from Wednesday, we are good to go.”

Mall sources say they will need to contend with visitors turning up for the cinemas and the gyms for the first time in weeks.

“All health and safety guidelines – including the barring of those under 12 and over 60 years – remain place,” said one head of operations at a mall owner.

Source: Gulf News

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