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If one wants to sell real estate in Dubai or in other parts of the UAE quickly and at a favorable price, they will need a full marketing campaign. There are hundreds of offers on the residential and commercial real estate market, and one has to make sure that a potential buyer sees and singles out their offers among all others. To do that, one may require qualified assistance.

Our company has been operating in both international and the UAE’s real estate market since 2008. We will develop an individual strategy for promoting customer’s property and take on all the stages of its implementation: from professional photo and video shooting to advertising and email marketing throughout our own client database. Moreover, prior to making the transaction, our lawyers will help to draw up and execute all the documents.

Stages of Real Estate Sales in the UAE

The process of selling a property in Dubai and other Emirates includes the following steps:

  1. Presentation of the property (for the most advantageous display of the sales unit, it is recommended to order a thorough cleaning, and, if necessary, carry out a small cosmetic repair).
  2. Market value assessment and development of a sales strategy.
  3. Launching a marketing campaign and finding a buyer.
  4. Negotiation of conditions between the seller and the buyer.
  5. Signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and making a deposit, which is usually 10%.
  6. Obtaining a certificate of no objection to the sale of property (NOC) – a document stating that the owner of the property has no debts on utility and other bills. This is a paid document, and the costs are covered by the seller of the property. The price of a NOC varies from AED 500 to AED 5 000 (USD 136 – USD 1360).
  7. Purchase payment and official transfer of ownership at the Dubai Lands Department (DLD) office. One also need to pay DLD fees, which are 4% of the transaction value (in Abu Dhabi the similar commission is less – 2%).

This is the simplest scheme and it can be complicated if additional circumstances are present. For example, if the seller has a mortgage on real estate or if the buyer wants to get a home loan. In such situations, the participation of the bank and the help of experienced lawyers is required. Our experts will advise on above mentioned points and help with preventing possible difficulties.

In any case, the very fact of the sale will take place only with a well-organized marketing campaign. Whether there is a buyer and how much they will be willing to pay for real estate depends on its success.

The Process of Promotion Campaign of Real Estate in the UAE Market

We have developed three packages of services for the sale of real estate: basic “SILVER”, extended “GOLD” and premium package “DIAMOND”. Regardless of the chosen program, a personal agent, who will be constantly in touch with the owner and deal with all organizational issues, is assigned to each case.

In general, the promotion process consists of the following stages:

  • professional photo and video shooting of the object (including drone video footage, when shooting a villa);
  • managing of multiple property web-sites, which includes placement of ads, web banners, video presentations; social network advertising;
  • search engine advertising;
  • outdoor advertising installation and mass media advertising;
  • newsletter advertising via email, messengers and SMS.

We will also take over the interaction with customers, including carrying out of premises inspections.

Documents Required for the Sale of Real Estate

If the seller is an individual, they will only need to present their passport and a certificate of ownership of real estate.

If commercial real estate for sale is owned by a legal entity, the list of required documents will be wider. In addition to the certificate of ownership, one will need a trade license, legalized translation of the memorandum and articles of association of the company, certificates of officials and the good standing of the organization (certificate of Incumbency, certificate of Good Standing), issued no earlier than 6 months before the transaction. One will also need copies of passports of shareholders, a letter of attorney and a passport of a proxy.

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