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If an owner of the property decides to sell it secretly or urgently, they should use an off-market sale. Usually, wealthy and public figures need such deals because they do not want to attract the attention of the media, business competitors or the public. Also, off-market sales are used in the case of financial difficulties, divorces or family troubles, so that relatives, friends, colleagues or creditors do not find out about the problems that have arisen.

What is off-market?

Off-market property are real estate that are offered for sale on a private market, without advertising or official announcements. We mean exclusive premium residences and large commercial objects. But off-market deals also take place in real estate sectors which are more affordable. Such deals allow the property owner to save money on marketing costs, but the sale price may be lower than in the regular market.

Whatever the reason for choosing an off-market deal, the owner must find a buyer to make it. It is impossible without a professional intermediary, a reliable real estate agency that has an exclusive list of potential buyers and also has the right contacts. Usually both parties sign documents that guarantee the confidentiality of the deal and its participants. The names of the buyer and the seller and the price of the property – all this information will remain secret.

How to sell real estate confidentially

To sell a property by off-market way one should contact a trusted company that has long history in the real estate market. Such an intermediary will help to quickly find the buyer who are ready to purchase a property on such terms, and at the same time guarantees the confidentiality of the process.

Our company has many years of experience in organizing such transactions. Before we provide a potential buyer with information about the property for sale, they must sign non-disclosure documents. In addition, they must confirm their solvency and serious intentions.

There are three ways for such deals:

  • «pocket list» when the real estate agent offers the property for sale to its own reliable customers;
  • «exclusive listing» when information about the sale is distributed to a limited number of people;
  • confidential sale or private sale when an individual offer for the purchase of real estate is received.

The off-market sale is made as quickly as possible, and the entire amount is paid to the seller in a short time.

How to buy real estate off-market

The main advantage of the off-market deal for the buyer is the lower price of luxury homes and apartments comparing to the offers that are publicly available. Since an open auction is not possible due to confidentiality of the deal, and there is a small number of buyers and limited time of an offer, it is possible to purchase a property even cheaper than its market cost.

Although the off-market transaction is mostly often initiated by the owner of the property, the buyer can also make the first step. For example, if one wants to become the owner of an exclusive villa in Dubai and is ready to buy it for a fair price, they should come to us. We will contact the owners and, if they are satisfied with the terms, we will help them to organize the purchase.

Our specialists can also offer the real estate that are already available for puchase in the private market. Before one will have the access to the confidential information, they must sign the necessary documents. One must also confirm that they have the amount for the purchase by providing a bank statement. Once all the procedures are done and with the consent from the seller, one can even inspect the premises.

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