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Is Technology Revolutionizing Real Estate? The Impact On Brokers And Buyers

Technological advancements are transforming industries and revolutionizing conventional business models around the world. This wave of disruption has not spared the real estate sector. Real estate brokers have become a topic of significant debate and interest in the UAE, where the real estate market is thriving.

Alina Adamco, Head of Sales, Metropolitan Homes, part of one of the biggest property brokerage groups – Metropolitan Group, says that she has observed notable changes in the UAE real estate industry in the last few years.

In Dubai, the Government has launched many initiatives like the Dubai Blockchain Strategy to streamline real estate transactions, property management and land registry systems. Smart Dubai and Dubai 10x are implemented to introduce disruptive technologies and innovative solutions across various sectors, including real estate to revolutionize the industry

she adds.

At Metropolitan Homes, we have a client-first, people-focused approach that allows us to promptly support our clients with their preferences and tailor a property journey that is relevant to their needs. We continually invest in technology, especially across our website experience, CRM systems and documentation processes, to ensure we always add value to our clients’ property experience

adds Alina Adamco.

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