A penthouse apartment in Royal Atlantis Residences sold for 64 million dirhams


Metropolitan Premium Properties, the real estate agency, has announced the sale of a penthouse apartment for AED 64 million, making it one of the most expensive properties sold in Dubai in 2021. The 8,300 square feet apartment, which was sold to a European buyer, features direct views of the island The Palm and the Arabian Sea, the apartment also includes a private swimming pool.

This four-bedroom apartment in Royal Atlantis Residences is the second most expensive property in the project after the five-bedroom three-storey penthouse, which was recently put up for sale by Metropolitan Premium Properties at a price of 180 million dirhams ($49 million). ).

Nikita Kuznetsov, Partner at Metropolitan Group and CEO of Metropolitan Premium Properties, said: “This is one of the biggest deals that our company has salvaged this year, and it clearly indicates that the wealthy consider Dubai the number one destination for real estate investment. It highlights the growing confidence in Dubai’s economy and real estate market. We have also seen strong demand for luxury properties, especially from international buyers, primarily from the CIS and the UK, and other countries in Europe, including France, Germany and Austria.

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