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Metropolitan Premium Properties launches dedicated sales team for entire projects

Metropolitan Premium Properties, a full-service real estate agency and the Metropolitan Group’s flagship property company, has launched its exclusive sales team that will be dedicated to helping developers across the UAE with the marketing and sales of their projects.

This strategic move is aimed at catering to boutique developers who have projects in niche areas and beach and waterfront properties, including villas and penthouses, communities and residential buildings. Also, through the group’s Institutional Sales team, the company will advise developers on buying/selling plots and full buildings and help prepare a comprehensive range of services designed to optimise developers’ marketing and sales strategies.

Metropolitan Premium Properties will leverage the Metropolitan Group’s international customer database of HNWIs enabling the exclusive sales team to tap into a ready pool of buyers primarily from the CIS, Europe and other countries. This extensive network of potential buyers, combined with Metropolitan’s industry and marketing expertise, will help developers maximise sales opportunities and showcase the unique value propositions of their exclusive projects.

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