Dubai’s msot expensive penthouse costs Dh 180m and is on the Palm

Dubai: The most expensive property in Dubai is within sight of the Dh200 million mark. A penthouse on the Palm with all the luxury trappings is asking for Dh180 million (about $49 million).

The five-bedroom penthouse triplex at the Atlantis The Royal Resort & Residences is selling spreads over 25,000 square feet and comes with an outdoor deck with its own infinity pool. There’s also a private lounge and beach, as well as access to five-star amenities.

Built and operated by Kerzner, Atlantis The Royal Dubai is on the crescent of The Palm and comes with 231  apartments, 693 hotel rooms and 102 suites. “We are continuing to see strong demand for luxury properties from overseas investors,” said Nikita Kuznetsov, Partner at Metropolitan Group and CEO of Metropolitan Premium Properties, which is one of the brokers handling the deal.

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