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Inclusive Incentivization Programme

Katerina Alekseichuk, Corporate Partnerships Director at Metropolitan Group, discusses the benefits and workings of the Metropolitan Group’s Partner Programme in an interview. The Partner Programme allows individuals and entities in the UAE (excluding real estate agents) to earn supplemental income through referrals in the real estate market. Interested participants can register online, contact the group via phone or WhatsApp, or send an inquiry through the website or Instagram. Once registered, partners are provided with a user-friendly portal to track the entire referral process transparently, from entering client details to receiving payouts.

The Metropolitan Group’s Partner Programme differentiates itself by offering an inclusive incentivization program for UAE residents, enabling them to earn money by introducing contacts interested in purchasing off-plan or secondary market properties. The program ensures transparency and trackability through signed referral agreements and a user-friendly interface.

Partners can earn referral fees ranging from 25-30% of the agency’s commission, depending on the buyer’s decision. For example, on a AED 6 million sale, a partner could earn around AED 36,000. Referral fees are paid within 14 days once the transaction is processed, eliminating long waiting periods.

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